SMASH lands in Bahrain! New chain Nature’s Market joins the gang of PHILOSHOPIC users

Nature’s Market has just launched in Bahrain as a collective approach to a healthier mindset, by providing guidance and services into nutrition and lifestyle. Apart from being the honest foods outlet, this new chain aims to offer an exciting shopping experience and amazing rewards powered by the PHILOSHOPIC SMASH Digital Wallet framework!

Customers will be able to enroll to the program and start earning in an the most easiest way – right from their first visit at a checkout! Customers can then manage their wallet through the custom designed customer portal or the upcoming mobile app as a part of the solution. Detailed analytics present valuable insights into the business, whereas point collection, account management, and reward redemptions are all completed in real-time. Finally, a fresh and modern public website has been developed to inform customers on the various departments, events as well as act as their nutritionist and culinary school!

More innovations are coming up such as SMASH Social Promos that will empower consumers to convert posts on Social Media into automatically redeemable rewards at the point of sale with a click of a like!

So if you’re in Bahrain, make sure you stop by Nature’s Market for some great tasting and organic food and enjoy a true omni-channel rewards and customer engagement program powered by PHILOSHOPIC!

sKash Mobile Wallet Launches in Cyprus!

We are excited to see sKash launching publicly in Cyprus-the new mobile wallet app for everyone, powered by AstroBank. Proudly part of it by enabling the Utility Services through our CYDGX service. Our platform allows users to buy digital products (such as Mobile Top-Ups and Pre-Paid payment vouchers) directly from the retailer straight from within the application in a truly omnichannel fashion. Simple, exciting, and secure!  We wish sKash the best of luck and look forward to expanding our partnership further!

Check it out here: (Available for iOS and Android)

Sahel Mart adopts PREPAYXL into their stores!

Thrilling News! Sahel Mart, Saudi Arabia’s fastest growing and most popular Fuel Station Convenience Store, has chosen PHILOSHOPIC to deploy our innovative platform for the distribution and sale of digital goods. Using the PREPAYXL framework, Customers will be able to effortlessly purchase eVouchers (Mobile Top-Ups, Data Renewals etc) from a variety of Providers directly from the register of any Sahel Mart Store.

PREPAYXL will be replacing the current system in place which required each Provider to have their own dedicated terminal with all inventory pre-purchased and stored locally, meaning there is less selection available and a lot of cash is tied up in stored inventory. By switching to PREPAYXL however, Sahel Mart will see a tremendous increase in cash flow and better customer service since all digital products are always readily available, under the same platform and each digital product is purchased in real time directly from the Provider at the Point of Sale! The solution aims to bring a centralized system to manage and distribute digital products whilst empowering the Customer, Retailer, and Provider! This is only the first step in a long collaboration with Sahel Mart and we will be implementing further solutions to bring you Gift Cards and Loyalty Programs in the very near future! Be sure to follow for more exciting updates!